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More News of Seungri (140915)
And Ri seems no10/19 Attend YG Family in Beijing
Seungri needs treatment. Ri take to fully recover.


More News of Seungri (140915)



And Ri seems no
10/19 Attend YG Family in Beijing

Seungri needs treatment. Ri take to fully recover.

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140916 kongkaroon’s Twitter/Instagram Update of Seungri

"Hope u get well soon Uncle @seungriseyo from baby Kye. 💪👶💪. Sending love n supporting u from all of ur friends here in BKK bro!✌️✌️✌️ #kyesoso #getwellsoon #bratha”

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ok none of that bullshit emotional stuff

THESE are the best feelings in the world:

  • peeing after holding it in all day
  • orgasms
  • faking ill and getting sent back to bed 
  • when you sing really emotionally and give yourself shivers b/c you’re fucking star quality
  • getting a back massage
  • seeing somebody you don’t like fall over omfg 
  • when you try and talk to your pet in their language and you feel like you’re having a conversation (this might just be me idk)

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An Objective Attempt View About Seungri's Accident →


So… I am someone who tries to remain objective and have my own judgment and I try to see things as less-biased as possible. I, as a Seungri fan, was disturbed and confused as of how to see his accident and “interpret” what the video showed. But I could not (principally because of the fact I don’t…

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Seungri to YG Family Singapore Concert →


I know this may be a bit late, but…

today, I just heard that at the day of incident, 12 Sept 2014 of that Seungri is actually getting off from the ambulance to catch the flight to Singapore but then, in the end he’s sent to hospital (may be he’s getting scolded by YG sajangnim or GD #hah) again…

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#knowing how stubborn seungri is  #he probably he was okay enough to go to the airport  #but for him to have to be diverted to the hospital due to abdominal pain  #it must hurt like a freaking lot  #so i am glad he was taken to the hospital in the end  #Manager of SR...please DONT listen to that stubborn kid! 


That sick ass instrumental around 4:08 in Gotta Talk To You by Seungri legit reminds me of Whine Up by Kate Deluna.

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[INFO] Seungri is still recovering in the Hospital. →

An update was reported on BIGBANG’s Seungri’s condition, following his car accident on the early morning of Sept. 12. The singer is currently steadily recovering in a hospital in Seoul.

According to a news agency that quoted Seungri’s management agency, YG Entertainment, “Seungri is…

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Can I just say that I’m pretty sure the injuries are not “minor” if they have to postpone a fan meet scheduled for next weekend and even his appearance at the YG concert in October is unconfirmed?

I call bullshit on this issue. I’m not trying to make a big fuss outta it but I think they should…

just wana add that the FM could still go on w/o RiRi but they postponed it altogether…WHY??? I am trying to keep the faith as it is….i am worried sick..yes my life still move on..but i do appreciate a more detailed explanation of his development….for all we know, RiRi could be in his hospital bed, watching SISTAR’s  Touch My Body’s MV online or playing Puzzle Bubble on his phone or ordering the new iPhone 6 online or playing StarCraft with FTIsland’ Jonghoon online…sorry….i am going nuts ever since his accident…don’t hold me accountable for my actions or words…..*sniff*

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#seungri  #tweet us  #please  #big bang 

kwon_jo: ❤️❤️❤️❤️


kwon_jo: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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BIGBANG in ten years!!

taeyang:  I just wanna be great artist for fans and I wanna be great man for my girl!

TOP: do you have a girlfriend? (in english)

Taeyang: I have (pause) million girls my fans!

i honestly can see myself still being a fan of Big Bang„even 10 more years down the road…..been a ShinChangjo for 16 years and counting…8 years +(10 years) of Big Bang….no problemo!~

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Wow !!  Minseok abs seems ~~~!  Nice nice.  9^________^9 

holy smokes!~ 

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jung hunchul is a hot piece of hunk ♥__♥
jung hunchul is a hot piece of hunk ♥__♥

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